"Rachael connects you to your highest self and you walk out filled with light."


In this offering, Rachael opens with conversation and questions and channels messages from your ancestors and celestial guides within a sacred container. 

Through the reading of your auric field, Rachael harmonizes the energies in your body and guides you on an intuitive journey of awareness. She integrates breath work, visual meditations, and supports the processing of experiences from this and past lifetimes to offer each client their deepest healing. Her hope is for each person to return to fully presence in this lifetime, having remembered their divine nature. 

Each Ceremony closes with conversation to illuminate the energetic shifts that occurred during the session, and is offered in gratitude of Mother Nature for holding us in this lifetime. 

For Autumn 2020 Rachael has expanded her offerings:

45 minute Ceremonies at $95  

60 minutes at $125

The standard Healing Ceremony is is 90-minutes at $185.

All offered virtually through Zoom.

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Offered virtually, Rachael creates a place to heal and attune to the rhythms of Mother Nature. Each Ceremony will offer guided meditation, tools for self-healing, breath work, and opportunity to connect to ancestral wisdom and open to your intuitive gifts. Offered on a sliding scale the first Sunday of the month.


"As a frontline person in the helping profession, I scheduled a virtual session with Rachael to support me through all of the transition and new challenges.  As a former mentee, I have had more than 6 months of in person sessions with Rachael and I was concerned that I would not receive the same level of care -  though I highly value and revere Rachael's work.  Of course the in person sessions are phenomenal, but I can honestly say I almost prefer the virtual sessions and here's why:  I was able to more easily integrate Rachael's healing vibrations not just in my body, mind, and spirit, but into my physical home instead of just carrying the healing in my body, it was if it surrounded me.  Rachael was also better able to not only read my body's vibrations, but the environmental energies that intertwine with spirit and interact with how I show up in my world.  In many ways, having my session at home peeled away some of my layers and armor that protect me in public and I was able to make vocalizations and movements that created a new template for my neurological system and my energy field.  Rachael's channeling and energy work was as spot on as ever--if not more so and it felt like this collaborative, empowering experience that has already increased my fluidity and shed layers so that I can shine my light brighter when I go back out into the field."

Praise for a Virtual Healing Ceremony


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