I've known Rachael for over a decade but only recently reconnected with her after doing a year of spiritual and energetic work in Central and South America and Israel. After working with very intense healers, I know that Rachael has blossomed into a powerful force for healing. I'd highly recommend her, and have no doubt she will meet you where you need to be met with compassion and care.

As a therapist for children and parents at an intimate partner violence shelter, I do intuitive, healing work and really value the other true healers in my life. Rachael is one of them. Rachael was able to hear my current struggles, become attuned to me through her beautiful ceremony, and share clear, specific insights about balancing my energies and recommendations that no other healers have really been able to offer for me. I have become more aware of my energies through her work as well! Because I work with such intense energies at the shelter, I took Rachael’s recommendations for transmuting that energy and I am walking around with a newness and confidence that is indescribable. Rachael is one of the most intuitive, empathic people you will ever meet. You can feel it when you walk in the room. She connects you to your higher self and you walk out filled with light. Thank you!!!

Rachael greets you with a strong, warm embrace, a twinkle in her eye and a bounce in her step. Her excitement and joy is tangible. I arrived feeling hurried and stress and she calmed me down with kind words. Rachael delights in using all her gifts and truly comes alive while in session. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Rachael intuitively knew the right questions to ask and connected some dots involving physical pain and weighty guilt and shame that were aching to be released and replaced with compassion and love. I highly recommend you book a session with Rachael!

My session with Rachael brought me a sense of peace and clarity. Rachael was able to tap into feelings that I had that were connected to past trauma. Since my session with Rachael, I've had a higher awareness of walls that I've built and I've slowly and consciously been able to open my heart thanks to my session. She radiates warmth, compassion and empathy. I've recommended Rachael's sessions to numerous friends.

Rachael used a variety of techniques that left me both relaxed and revitalized. Her knowledge of herbs and crystals is not only fascinating but allows her to be in tune with both her craft and the energy, but also the methods by which she is chanllening it. I highly recommend Rachael for anyone who wants energy work done in Richmond.

As soon as I walked into her space, I felt so warm and welcome. Rachael asked me what my goals were, any questions I had and made sure I was comfortable, not only before the session, but all throughout. She made sure to continuously ask how I was doing and even pointed out areas of my body (like my hip) that seemed to be holding a good deal of emotional pain. She helped me address it and encouraged me to let it go. 

To say that I left that session, and each one after, changed is an understatement. I truly felt, and continue to feel, healed and overall more peaceful. I don't know how she does it, but Rachael is a miracle worker and it conveys even in just speaking with her - I realized halfway through our introduction that we were speaking just above a whisper. That kind of awareness and peacefulness can only be achieved by being treated by a real caregiver, and Rachael is the best of the best! I'm really looking forward to visiting with her again soon!

Rachael, Thank you. You created the space of nurturing compassion which makes it easy for me to trust your intuition and guidance. This allowed me to receive subtle and profound energetic shifts that I feel in my mind and body. I left feeling centered, grounded and having remembered who I really am.


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