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Medicine Path Mentorship

Rachael holds space for the remembering of yourself through ritual and ceremony. Each session includes energetic practices, plant teachings, breath work, intuited wisdom and holding space for the reconnection to your guides and ancestors.

Her hope is that through this individual mentorship each person can remember the medicine that is their truth and that we can each walk a path guided by nature and our hearts and anchor our spiritual practices into this realm of existence.

This mentorship is intended for those who wish to develop and grow their self-healing practices, remember their power and reclaim spiritual sovereignty. It is not intended to be used for healing others.  

6 sessions at 75 minutes each $545 exchange. Payment plans available. Offered through Zoom.

Autumnal Equinox Virtual Circle

Before light gives way to darkness through the sacred passage of Autumn, we pass through Equinox. Now is the time to attune ourselves to the Great Mother. To move in harmony with Gaia, Pachamama, the Living Earth. Before she begins to gracefully cede to the longer nights, how can we honor the sacred balance of the equinox? We must ask, how can we embody our light and our shadow selves? How can we hold in sacredness both our love and our fear?

The equinoxes are days of balance–day and night, light and dark, sunshine and starlight. Together we will honor that day and night are held in perfect harmony with one another and ask what this momentary balance can teach us.

We will gather virtually for meditation and guided healing as we move through this passage. I will be playing sacred song on my harp to support your exploration.

Sunday September 20, 2020

10-11:15 EST via Zoom

Sliding Scale $15-45

Sacred Ground

In this four-week virtual offering Rachael holds space for the cultivating of your inner awareness through self-inquiry, somatic awareness, meditation and breath. This offering is meant for those who are interested in developing or growing their spiritual practice and will build and nourish foundational tools for self-healing. 

Each week is part conversation and part guided healing to come home to yourself and come home to sacred ground. 

Week 1: Explore the field of subtle awareness and learn techniques for grounding. 

Week 2: Engage in somatic awareness to gain insight into stuck emotions and stagnant energy to help them move through our physical being and energy bodies.

Week 3: Techniques for returning home to yourself in times of stress and crisis.

Week 4: Opening to the consciousness of presence.

Sacred Ground meets every other Sunday from 10-11 EST on May 3, May 17, May 31 and June 14. To make this offering more accessible it is donation-based beginning at $60-225 for the series. 

**Although this class is live, replays are available for all participants.**


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