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What is a healing ceremony like?

Each Ceremony is a one-on-one, restorative and life changing experience. You lay, fully clothed, on a massage table with a lavender eye pillow and move in and out of meditative and restful states while Rachael balances and clears the energy in your body and field. She may use crystals, sound healing, aromatherapy and smudging to support the energy coming in for Ceremony. Some emerge from Ceremony having  had visuals with their eyes closed, a greater knowing, or having memories from past lives. Each ceremony is unique to you, and you leave having found greater balance and insight and able to create positive shifts in your life.

How is this different from Reiki or other Healing modalities?

In Ceremony, Rachael reads your field and works to balance and harmonize the energies already present within you and around you. With her knowledge from activating past lives as a healer, she connects with your soul and spirit guides to channel the healing that is meant for you. While she might incorporate various energy lineages, like Sekhem Seichim, an Egyptian lineage, she blends and channels energies unique to your soul's blueprint to create an experience as unique and beautiful as the different people walking through the door.

What are some reasons to receive a healing ceremony?

People seek Healing Ceremonies to promote mental, physical and spiritual well being. Some people seek Ceremony to support the body's physical healing after injury, surgery, pregnancy or for anyone interested in harmonizing the systems of the body to support general physical health. 

Some come to support mental and emotional wellbeing, to release limiting belief systems, open their hearts and create and sustain positive shifts in life. This could be helping to create a new internal landscape so that you can live a more deeply and fulfilling life, or helping you shift through external circumstances so that you can ground, center and find beauty within.

Some come for spiritual exploration, to become better acquainted with their guides, deepen their embodiment of their soul's gifts and purpose, and as a fun, creative way to support and deepen a spiritual practice. 

Healing Ceremonies are a way to reconnect to your true nature so that you can live deeply, fully, and authentically, expressing your divine nature with every interaction, through and breath. 

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