Guided by Spirit and through her awakened gifts as a healer in past lives, Rachael channels a healing unique to each person. Each ceremony holds space for the processing of cellular memories, wisdom from your angelic and celestial guides, creates peace within the mind and body, and deepens your alignment with your soul's gifts. 

Rachael has devoted her life to studying the healing arts. Before discovering her gifts as a healer, she trained and worked as a yoga teacher and birth doula. She has studied Bioenergy Healing, Reconnective Healing, Soul Link, Angelic Reiki, All Love, Sekhem Seichim, and self-studied herbalism. She also holds an MFA in Poetry from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is proud to offer an inclusive practice honoring all people. 

Rachael is a mother of two children and along with her husband Mattias, loves parenting from the heart and fostering a deep connection to Mother Nature. 



"She intuitively knew the right questions to ask and connected some dots involving physical pain and weighty guilt and shame that were aching to be released, and helped me replace them with compassion and love. I highly recommend you book a session with Rachael!"

"Rachael was able to hear my current struggles, become attuned to me through her beautiful ceremony, and share clear, specific insights about balancing my energies and recommendations that no other healers have really been able to offer for me."

"After working with very intense healers in South America and Israel, I know that Rachael has blossomed into a powerful force for healing. I recommend seeing her if it calls you, and have no doubt she will meet you where you are with compassion and care."



1413 W Main St, Richmond, VA 23220